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Joshua Kassel

I truly believe that creating a unique, consistent brand along with an online presence is the cornerstone to any successful business. As an innovator at heart, over the years I have developed my creativity, innovation & technological knowledge in order to design a better business. 

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Business Growth

I created my first company, Kassel Design, in 2011. Shortly after meeting my wife, we created Activated Agent together in 2015. I started both of my companies from scratch. This is an accomplishment that has taught me resilience and persistence which has paid off in a big way. I am dedicated to creating better products, streamlining processes, and increasing productivity/revenue.

My passion is with design and development, equally helping all my clients along the way. I found a way to do both for a living and I haven’t looked back!

The people we love are what make life's experiences truly exceptional.

I am a grounded Arizona native living in the Valley with my beautiful wife and two kids. I cherish my family and love spending every moment with them! I am an only child and lost both parents as a young man. These challenging life experiences have brought me closer to God and taught me to remain grateful for everything life is truly about.



I am the owner of Activated Agent, Kassel Design. Both companies specialize in helping other business owners find simple and effective ways to generate growth. My new business venture is in Peptide Therapy. Life-Tides is dedicated to providing high-quality peptides to support your health and wellness.

 Is an in-house Real Estate marketing company specializing in Creative Brand Design, Website Development, IDX Home Search & Marketing!


Is a brand strategy agency specializing in Branding, Website Development and Custom Marketing Strategies. Kassel Design helps all industries from small to large.